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Best pan set

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DeepfriedPizza Fri 01-Sep-17 15:48:23

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pots/pan set?

I am not keen on the non stick ones apart from on frying pans so would happily get a pot set without the non stick coating but get a non stick frying pan separately.

thenightsky Fri 01-Sep-17 15:53:47

Many years ago I got a set of Meyer pans. They've lasted so well they are still like new. Three pans, one big frying pan and one small non-stick omelette pan. All except the omelette pan have chunky glass lids. I paid £100. They were half price in Jan sales.

LegoCaltrops Fri 01-Sep-17 15:59:35

I have several pans from the Stellar range. I've had 2 for about 12-14 years, & bought 3 more this year. (Got them on offer.) The older ones are still in really good condition & I imagine they will last us quite a few years yet. They are a lot lighter than enamelled cast iron (e.g. Le Creuset) which would have been my second choice.

I agree with you, BTW. Non-stick is for frying pans only.

Polyanthus Fri 01-Sep-17 16:04:30

Another vote for stellar. I've been using mine daily for almost 20 years and they are still in excellent condition. And I considered the le creuset too (had a set in a rental property once) but I'm glad I didn't get them - they are lovely pans but so heavy (I do have one of their casserole dishes which goes on hob as well as in oven and love that but wouldn't want to cook and drain pasta for 4 in one of their saucepans).

DeepfriedPizza Fri 01-Sep-17 16:13:49

Stellar sounds good then.
I like the look of this

Will look at Meyer too

ShiningWhit Fri 01-Sep-17 16:18:23

Another vote for Stellar. Mine are 25 years old and as good as the first day. I have had good luck with a large Waitrose branded SS pan last year. Similar quality. Well worth every penny.

Primrose06 Tue 05-Sep-17 18:13:13


LookMoreCloselier Tue 05-Sep-17 18:19:44

I have the tefal jamie oliver stainless steel pans and I love them.

LookMoreCloselier Tue 05-Sep-17 18:21:54

Oh I also love my all-clad saucier pan, it is ace.

Wheels79 Tue 05-Sep-17 18:38:51

We got ours from ProCook 5-6 years ago and going strong with no issues.
I particularly wanted non-metal handles because I was fed up of having to use tea towels (which I was afraid I would set on fire).

HelgagleH Fri 13-Apr-18 13:20:16

It's better to consider a copper one. They long-lasting and good-looking. I found reviews here

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