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Coffe Machines

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paranoidmother Tue 08-Aug-17 18:50:44

Can anyone recommend a coffee machine?

DH is going to be working from home full time and it's his 40th coming up so was going to splash out and get him a fancy coffee machine.
Already have a Tassimo but that was mostly for me, so thinking something a bit more full on coffee. He'll probably drink quite a bit so maybe bean to cup or I can get a grinder as well.

So looking to see what people have and get on with.


Silverstreaks Thu 10-Aug-17 09:22:00

We've got a De Longhi bean to cup. Not too massive a footprint. I've had a look and can't find the one we have as it's a couple of years old.
It was about £400 but you can get cheaper models now.
I have maybe one of the bean to cup coffees a day- too strong for all day drinking. We have a drip coffee pot on timer that is ready when we get up, produces nice easy drinking coffee and does not need descaling or taking apart to clean.

Kenworthington Thu 10-Aug-17 09:29:19

Couldn't manage the link but we have this dualit one and it's brilliant. We have previously had 2 Nespresso machines and this ones much better. You can use ground coffee for the whole barista thing, Nespresso pods and also those weird coffee pads that look like tea bags. It also foams and froths the milk separately if that's what you fancy. It's completely brilliant

Scabetty Thu 10-Aug-17 09:32:41

We have this. Lovely coffee.

Ovalone Mon 05-Mar-18 23:13:24

It depends how much of a coffee buff your DH wants to become? I have one of these but it is entirely manual and requires cleaning and occasional servicing - it’s lasted 15 years so far.

It was the one spotted in Samantha Cameron’s kitchen at no10 but I got mine miles before she did!

WeeM Mon 05-Mar-18 23:19:00

We just ditched our tassimo for a de longhi bean to cup and it’s amazing. Keep an eye on hot uk deals as we got ours for £180 from argos.

WeeM Mon 05-Mar-18 23:21:04

This is it:

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