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Steam cleaner that cleans upholstery?

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tabbymog Fri 28-Apr-17 10:15:18

Is there such a beast that does this properly? I'm looking for a steam cleaner, whether a mop with extra tools, 2-in-1 or something else, that can clean upholstery reasonably well.

I trawled through a thread about the worst things anyone had ever bought, and steam cleaners featured quite regularly in there! My ex bought one donkeys years ago, an old-fashioned metal tank type, I think the name began with 'E'. It was so bad as to be dangerous.

Does anyone have any recommendations for or against, please? I'm really undecided about whether I should invest in one or get professionals in to clean furniture that's been in storage and come out looking a lot dirtier than I remember it being. Maybe it's the bright new living room with windows facing south and west instead of the old north-facing one, but I don't think so.


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