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Are there any non threading towels??

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WayneHarris Mon 27-Feb-17 18:01:30

Hi Ladies

Just moved into my new flat and I've tried Dunelm mills towels Egyptian cotton, took them back and now got John Lewis towels, can't seem to find any bath sheets and hand towels that do not shed threads and bits everywhere, I wash all my towels at 60 degrees every 2 weeks, shower twice a day, is there actually a brand of towel out there that won't do this lol!!! I never use softener on towels, have tried Persil BIO liquid, Ariel liquid tabs with febreeze and now on dettol laundry cleaner and still threads lol! Driving me nuts!
I dry them in my washer dryer, but in summer I hang them on the line to dry

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