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Newly installed electric range is slower than old oven/hob?

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butterscotch1106 Thu 19-Jan-17 19:08:56

Hello, we have just installed in our kitchen an electric range cooker, and have started to use it recently. It seems to take a lot longer (15 or 20 mins) to cook anything than our old hob/oven.

Both the actual oven is slow and the hob on top when bringing water to the boil, etc.
Am puzzled as I thought a new appliance should be quicker than the old one.

Has anyone ever had this problem, and what was the solution?

Might phone the shop and ask about it, as I'm sure there is something not quite right.

However if it is just a genuinely slower range, then I am happy to accept it and live with it, and just adjust my recipes accordingly.

It is a Flavel MLN10CRS electric range cooker.

Sorry for long lost, any help appreciated.

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