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Dyson V6

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Sarahzzz Sun 08-Jan-17 09:04:22

Does anyone have the Dyson V6 with the soft roller head?

I currently have a dc44 (the old dyson handheld) is a fab machine, but i have 2 issues.

1) The motorised head isn't very good at picking up big bits e.g. If the lawn has just been mown and lums of grass get walked into the kitchen. It just pushes them around!

2) The motorised head gets clogged easily. The hole at the back of the brush roller isnt very big and doesnt take much to get bunged up!

Is the soft roller head any better? Unfortunately I will have to upgrade the whole machine as the heads aren't compatible 🙁


MummyH1206 Sun 08-Jan-17 09:08:51

I have recently got the v6 animal and finding it brilliant. Got brilliant sucking what ever attachment you using and I got 2 cats lots of fur and the soft roller head coping well. Got clogged up once but it so easy to remove the head and clear and lightweight wasn't an issue for long. Only down side is emptying regularly but worth it for the cordless advantages.
Hope this helps

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