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Grey stuff inside stainless steel Tefal saucepan

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Vigbymumparis Sat 17-Dec-16 14:02:17

Just bought it. Instructions say to wash it then rub lightly with oil before using. First wash in dishwasher, bit of cooking oil on a piece of kitchen paper: paper comes up all grey. Re-wash, by hand this time. Ditto. Maybe I missed a bit? Wash again by hand. Same again with the oil.

So then DP suggests heating some water in it - which we do, then wash... Still there. BTW all three times, after washing by hand, we dried it with a tea towel before oiling and nothing came off on the tt.

Now, maybe we're weirdoes but we often cook stuff with oil and don't fancy an unidentified, presumably metallic, deposit on the insides of our guts after such meals.

Does anyone know if this is 'normal' and/or what we can do about it?

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