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Do not get Sky Qube guys.

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bloomburger Sat 24-Sep-16 16:12:24

It's utterly rubbish.

We have a main box and numerous mini boxes which do not actually connect with each other on a permanent basis as promised, rather the connection drops out on a daily basis. When this happens we have to faff around unplugging things or sitting with the main box pressing buttons for what seems like an age, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and will miraculously start working again days or hours later.

Then the boxes will just stop recording, downloading or playing anything that's recorded, which is rather annoying considering I have a library of paw patrol, peppa pig and Octonauts stored on there for the kids.

We lose signal intermittently and have had numerous other issues.

And to top off their utterly crap customer service, after trying to get a service engineer to visit for 3 months (few engineers are trained on it because it's such a new product) I spend the day waiting in (can only be given a time of 8-5 and they'll text me at some point to give me a 2 hour slot) and get a call to tell me that I've not actually been allocated an engineer!!!! angryangryangry

Back to trying to get a visit and am told it's another 4 weeks!! And again it's a good old 8-5 slot and I'll be given a 2 hour slot on the day, which if it clashes with school runs or anything it's tough and I'll have to rebook!!

Just am beyond bloody cross. I must have spent the best part of 6 hours on the phone over the last 3 months.


bloomburger Sat 24-Sep-16 17:37:04

Amazing, mumsnet, Twitter and Facebook and they magic up an appointment for a couple of days time!

I'd still wait till they ironed out all the issues and trained their engineers up though!

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