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Would you get an iPad even though you have a laptop?

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sparklex Sat 20-Aug-16 14:38:16

So I was planning to save up and treat myself to an iPad because I like to watch things on laptop and like to watch iplayer ect for soaps but the laptop you can't really carry round and have to keep plugged in charge ect. I also want the iPad to store and view my pictures easier than a laptop. I do have an iPhone already. Would you think it's worth it? I don't want an expensive one though. Has anyone else got an iPad and a laptop. I guess I want one but need to justify it before saving for one.

nannynick Sat 20-Aug-16 14:45:01

Yes. I have an iPad mini and that gets used a lot. Laptop is used when lots of typing is involved, spreadsheets and some internet banking tasks such as setting up a new payment (common everyday banking things can be done via iPad app).

Much easier watching iPlayer on iPad whilst in bed than using laptop!

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