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Recommendations for freestanding gas cooker

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bookwormthatturned Tue 12-Jul-16 21:40:28

Our vintage SMEG cooker is finally on its last legs so I'm looking to replace it.

Having had a new kitchen put in some time ago that the SMEG slotted into we didn't upgrade the electrics and so now can't go for a dual fuel cooker without having to rewire / dismantle half the kitchen (Grrrr!)

So, it looks as though we're limited to gas only cookers but there seem to be hundreds of the blighters.

Can anyone recommend a decent reliable quality make or model?? We've been tempted by the Stoves range as they're UK built but they seem to get variable reviews. Equally AEG looks a possibility but its not a brand we've used before.

Key criteria are: double oven, glass 'lid' for the hob, ideally knobs on top rather than on the front (following our experience with now semi-melted SMEG knobs!) and a timer.

Does such a mythical beast exist.......?


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