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Lay-zee hot tub

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Neatfreak38 Fri 17-Jun-16 18:50:42

Wasn't sure where to post this but here goes.
I installed it a few days ago..stupidly forgot to put chlorine in..not sure why I did that but I did. I've just taken the lid off (no ones been in yet) and it's a tiny but cloudy..I've added chlorine and ph after testing and it says ok but alkaline low..I don't know what to do for this as it says to seek advice?
These things seem quite common so was hoping someone could give me a dummy's guide?!

Kennington Fri 17-Jun-16 18:51:59

It sounds like it is a cat of bacteria now. Let the water out and bleach

Kennington Fri 17-Jun-16 18:56:58

Vat! Not cat

Neatfreak38 Fri 17-Jun-16 19:02:36

Really? It's all at the right level except the alkaline?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 17-Jun-16 19:06:14

It's either empty, clean and restart, or pay someone to come and rebalance it - which will probably be a lot more expensive and there's still likely to be 48 hours or so that you can't use it.

They are really gross when the bacteria is out of control. They seem to generate infection or rash-worthy levels far easier than "conventional" hot tubs.

I'd just start again if it was mine.

Kennington Fri 17-Jun-16 19:06:55

Well cloudy would suggest so. If it has been left at around 30-38 degrees without chlorine bacteria will be growing pretty quick!

Neatfreak38 Fri 17-Jun-16 19:20:03

It's only the tiniest bit cloudy and it's cold water. My Friedman got one and says its normal for them to be unbalanced on and off hence the treatments you buy. I was reading someone had said they just use Milton as opposed to all the fancy potions too? I won't be happy if I have to empty it already it costs a fortune to fill!!

Neatfreak38 Fri 17-Jun-16 19:20:27


Kennington Fri 17-Jun-16 19:23:59

Am fascinated by you query! Sorry I know nothing about hot tubs.
what does unbalanced mean?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 17-Jun-16 19:31:06

I don't think you can use it if it's had no chlorine, even if only for a day or two.

You could call a specialist and they'll try to fix it with the water in situ but that'd probably cost more to be honest. Might be worth the call to see?

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