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When a double bed isn't 4ft 6 inches ... Annoyed

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Itsalldramarama Tue 14-Jun-16 10:55:20

My mum 77 bought a new double mattress from Argos , it doesn't fit on her 4ft 6 base , gaps either side , she's upset as it was an expensive one . So 4ft 6 in is over 137 cm and it seems now all double beds and mattresses are 135 cm !!
She said the catalogue stated 4ft 6 but the web site says 135 cm
I need to check the catologue yet to double check .
Do you think she could return as mislead ? Can't find a divan base but all the complete divans with mattresses are 135cm , poor thing is upset as her bedding doesn't hang right and she's scared of bumping herself on the edges sad

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