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Any Neff slide & hide oven owners out there?

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PingPongBat Wed 02-Mar-16 20:28:12

Fitters have just today installed & connected a new slide & hide Neff oven, but I have a couple of concerns:

- firstly there's a 1cm long scratch, about 1mm wide, on the enamel just inside the door
- secondly, the slide & hide door doesn't always hide completely, you have to be quite vigorous to get it to hide fully. I assume it's not supposed to stop half hidden?

Would you ask for a replacement? It was over £600 so I wanted it to be perfect, but I'm not very good at confrontations & I'm worried I'll be seen as a fussy customer...

thedogsdoodahs Wed 09-Mar-16 16:03:41

I too have a new slide & hide - the door is like on a "spring" & goes right under (to the handle) so yours doesn't sound right to me.
Was the scratch as a result of the installation, unpacking or was it there on receipt? One person may blame another.
PS : My Neff B47CR32N0B didn't have a grillpan ! - it had 2 shelves & 1 x enamel universal pan - so today I've had to order (Z1512X0 2-piece Enamelled Anti-splash Pan Insert £50! - an alternative to a grille to use in the universal pan as a grillpan)

PingPongBat Wed 09-Mar-16 18:49:58

Scratch was there when it was installed, but the kitchen company have had it for ages before installing so obviously didn't inspect it...

Since then the other Neff combi oven microwave had stopped working, the kitchen fitter has broken the trim and scratches have appeared all across the control panel.

Sigh. Waiting for Neff engineer to book a visit.

misstiggiwinkle Wed 09-Mar-16 18:55:02

Yes I have one! Yours definitely doesn't sound right. Mine is about 2 yrs old and has daily use and 'slides and hides' with no effort. I'd call Neff...

PingPongBat Wed 09-Mar-16 19:02:25

I've handed over responsibility for getting a replacement to the kitchen company, as I bought it through them.

The door does hide, it's just that it stops half way if you open the door carefully - & then you have to push it firmly very it to slide away completely.

PingPongBat Wed 09-Mar-16 19:04:00

* push it firmly to slide away *

misstiggiwinkle Thu 10-Mar-16 21:13:21

That's not right at all. Should easily glide to its fully open position

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