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Indesit tumble dryer recall - anyone else having problems? (Sorry Loooong post)

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FadedRed Mon 01-Feb-16 17:09:36

We registered our tumble dryer in November as soon as the fire hazard notice was issued. Mid January we got the reply saying we could find the date they would modify, or buy a new one at reduced price. Tried to buy the new one £59, as ours is over 3 years old and this would set my mind at rest. But the website kept giving a 'form not filled in properly' message, despite that the form was completed correctly.
So, rang the Hotpoint helpline, who said there was a problem with the site that they were working on and try again in a few days. Did this and same fault, kept trying but no success. Tried the help line again and continually engaged (or rather just playing music at me).
So, sent an email on the complaint website and got a reply with different phone number. Eventually got through to a bloke who said he couldn't help and I would have to keep trying the first number. after several more tries and (listening to several concerto's), a human being answered and said the 'form not filled in properly' message actually meant that the stock was not available and the only thing I could do was keep trying until I might hit a time when the stock was in. Have to complete all the details on the form from scratch each time, only to get the same error message, which is tedious and time consuming.
Very p*ssed off with this and wondering if anyone else is having the same sh*te as I am?
The next step is signed -for letter giving a time limit etc. or would that just be another waste of time?

ineedamoreadultieradult Mon 01-Feb-16 17:15:13

I had no problems at all it went very smoothly and delivery was only a few days after the form filled in but I got the £99 condenser one. Would you be interested in that one if out of stock for the vented one?

FadedRed Mon 01-Feb-16 18:34:37

Thank you for the reply Ineedamoreadultieradult (love the username!). Yes it is the vented one I wanted. Might have a think about the more expensive one, if I can't get the other one sorted soon though.

sluj Mon 01-Feb-16 18:56:47

We have been having nightmares with the Hotpoint recall. I registered the dryer and heard nothing till 20th January when I got a letter saying they had been trying to contact me (?) and would close the recall request if I didn't reply by the 29th. I was a bit surprised that they had apparently been trying to contact me so rang them immediately. After much waiting on hold and transferring calls, they told me they had already closed my request. It took a lot of persuading to get them to agree to re-open it but eventually we agreed on last Wednesday. They could only offer 8am to 6pm which I was not happy about but agreed to.

By 3pm last Wednesday I was beginning to get a bad feeling about it so rang through again. They informed me that apparently they came to my house the day before and completed the job. When I protested that no one had been and certainly had not fixed the dryer, they said they would get the engineer to call urgently.

Still waiting for that call 5 days on

ImperialBlether Mon 01-Feb-16 19:23:27

I had an email saying it would be sorted in April. They also said something along the lines of "Sorry the tumble dryer is dangerous - would you like another for £100?" Ummm no thanks!

FadedRed Mon 01-Feb-16 20:05:39

Thanks for replies.
Looks like a recorded delivery letter and a copy to TV/newspaper consumer programme is the way to go then? hmm

Gillian1980 Sat 19-Mar-16 12:10:57

Its shocking that their customer services are so poor. We've now given up and bought a new one by a different manufacturer so we're massively out of pocket.

We registered in November, our machine was 2.5 years old at that point and well maintained as I'm fastidious about cleaning the filter every time.

Got put on the list for an engineer but while waiting we heard so many cases of "fixed" machines still being faulty that we decided not to take that option. Advised them that we didn't have faith in the modification and wanted to get a replacement instead.

The replacement on offer is not suitable - its a nonstandard size which won't fit in our kitchen, its only available in white, its ugly and also there have been issues of safety with them.

So we said to them that we would be happy to choose one from their range that meets our needs, paying the difference if applicable. Or they could give us a partial refund and we would shop elsewhere. Both perfectly reasonable suggestions I feel, given that it is they who are at fault.

All suggestions completely disregarded by hotpoint.

So after 4 months of nonsense and my anxiety about using the machine being ridiculous (I was actually having nightmares about house fires! I know its stupid but it must have been really worrying me) we thought "sod them" and bought a new one.

The old one is going to the dump this afternoon. Last night my dh took the back off it to view the affected area and it was covered in burnt patches of lint which was all over the motor and element - proper burnt on and its entirely possible it could have caught alight at any moment.

I followed all guidance for use, religiously cleaned the filters, but it still ended up like that. Oh, and it had one of their green stickers on to indicate safety!!

I am disgusted by hotpoint - I don't even want their damn money, I just want them to sort their response out and stop endangering lives. I will never buy another product from them again.

bigkev20 Sat 21-May-16 18:20:10

been waiting since november 2015 aswell in may 2016 still no phone call
filled in loads of forms for replacement tumble still no further forward made numours calls last one today and yet again nothing i can do here fill a form in on line getting well pi**ed off now think its time for the press

insancerre Sat 21-May-16 18:25:32

I've been promised a refund but have heard nothing since
I bought it in October and registered it as faulty in November
I will never buy from them again
I'm saving for a meile

nannybeach Tue 24-May-16 08:14:28

Waited since October last year, my daughter had one 2 years, so she got a new self-condensing which I would have loved, but mine was only a few months old. Bloke came last week, was sent a text saying the time slot he would come he was early, I told him he was lucky I was in, he said he had cancellations. I told him to come round the back as I have 2 dogs, my plae is open plan and the dryer is in the conservatory. Left him to it, he knocked on the back door, told me he was done. Some time later I went outside (it was pouring with rain) he had left my gate open, he knew I had dogs, one a puppy, it was a miracle they didnt go out onto the road. He pointed to a box said tat was rubbish, it is the metal back of the dryer so you cannot put it in your bin. So I rang Customer Service, the girl who answered the phone said, "Um, are you like going to complain?", I said yes, she told me I would have to e-mail, which I did, got a reply, yesterday, saying not our responsibility to remove old parts, no mention of the other 2 complaints. Am disgusted, going to try and find name of Chief Exec and write to him, says they pride themselves on their Customer Service really!!!

clayspaniel Sat 03-Sep-16 11:36:48

I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Have chased it several times via the Indesit website but still not heard back.

ihatethecold Sat 03-Sep-16 13:08:29

someone should tweet them this thread

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