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Kenwood mixer with food processor fixture or magimix 4200 l food processor

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Fri 13-Nov-15 12:01:38

I know this debate has been had a hundred of times but please are with me. After several months of deliberating I finally decidied that despite lusting after the Kenwood mixer, the best option for us would be the magi mix 4200 L food processor. Mainly because I cook from scratch mostly, particularly sauces etc so the food processor would be helpful for that. My baking is generally more limited and basic.

However for my birthday DH has just bought me a Kenwood Mixer, with glass bowl and food processor attachment.

Now I do LOVE the Kenwood so handing it back would be difficult and DH has put a lot of thought into this bless him. BUT it's such a lot of money I don't want to hate the food processor and wish I hadn't kept it.

Anyone any experience with the kenwood processor attachment?

Any advice anyone?

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