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Good small vacuum and sofa bed

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joeyboy Wed 28-Oct-15 17:10:09

I am looking for a decent mattress on a sofa bed as it will slept on twice a week possibly with partner. I have been to DFS, Next and John Lewis. The John Lewis one was 1600 for a good mattress and a bit steep I felt. looking at closer to £1000. Any recommendations? By a good mattress, I meant possibly memory foam or sprung I guess. Also, my flat is going to be a small one bedroom so needed a small but decent vacuum, anyone recommend one? Worth getting a Dyson for £280?

Sevendayweek Thu 05-Nov-15 12:02:40

I love my little Dyson (I got the slightly 'previous' version for £250 fom JL) Even better, the kids love it too! Though it fills up quickly if eg hoovering a lot of fluff. We have a big house so Henry still deployed sometimes, but I hoover SO much more often now, it tends to be cleaner each time.

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