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Nutri Ninja with or without Auto IQ?

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howdypartner Sat 01-Aug-15 20:40:22

Is the auto iq worth the extra money? What does it do that the normal Ninja doesn't?

camflower Wed 05-Aug-15 11:22:56

i went for the one with the pre-programmed buttons mainly because I didn't want to have to stand there holding the jug and boy am I pleased I did - but for a different reason. the noise is horrendous so I turn it on and run out of the room (or at the very least cover my ears!) apart from the racket I totally love it - does a brilliant job and takes seconds to clean. and ds unwittingly and happily drank a smoothie with kale in without realising. result grin

camflower Wed 05-Aug-15 11:23:59

ps and steamer trading were selling them for £99 and may still be ....

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