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Experiences of buying from

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anyquestions Sat 13-Jun-15 14:50:05

Thinking of buying a bed from this company, but hadn't actually heard of them until I started googling beds. If you have bought from them, would be interested in knowing whether you would recommend? Did goods arrive as described and on time? TIA

alteredimage Tue 28-Jul-15 09:15:25

A late reply, but warrented as I have been waiting a week for a delivery and still don't know when it might arrive.

Two problems:

1. The customer service phone number is pretty hidden. You need to Google to find one.

2. They use XDP as their delivery firm. First my furniture was lost at the delivery depot (which I assume is the main depot) then I got a call from a nice man on the Monday morning saying it had been found over the weekend and was in the "collection depot". When did I want it? The sooner the better so we agreed Tuesday. No phone call or text giving my four hour delivery time slot, and the tracker still says it is in the depot. No reply from the XDP number I was called on, or rather a recorded message suggesting I used a premium rate line. Wayfair can't get a response either.

So a lovely sunny day in school holidays and I am stuck waiting again, with every liklihood that the delivery wont take place till tomorriow or the day after.

Appliance On Line and Oak Fuirniture Land have cracked the delivery thing, and indeed the former were quick to both provide an explanation and a credit when things once went. Wayfair customer service people are lovely. However they are in Ireland and don't seem to have much influence on their delivery people.

So some of the Wairfair stuff is really nice, but its the second time I've used them and the second time it is not working out. (First time was a smaller item. A three day delivery window and clear instructions to leave goods at the reception of the office block next door if I was out. They failed to wake sleeping teenager, probably not their fault, but then went away despite my clear and practical instructions.)

Long rant, but if you hate winding up in delivery limbo, Wayfair is not the firm for you.

I feel a bit better now!

alteredimage Tue 28-Jul-15 19:16:38

It arrived, but delivery service continued to be appalling. It was furniture for a rental property so no my home. No phone call text or email,. They simply updated the tracker part way through the morning. Luckily the lovely Wayfair lady phoned me to check I had spotted it, so I had five minutes warning to leave home. Then, inevitbaly, it was late.

Most shocking was the delivery man's demands for extra money. A first floor London flat but with a few (six) steps from the street up to the entrance door. He decided that this was an extra floor, and claimed his insurance did not cover him (Wayfair did not even ask about accessibility, and this flat must be much better than most) to go above the first floor so I needed to pay him more. It was very unpleasant. In the end I said I would carry it up the six steps myself and they gave in, though cussing as they left.

With AO they get you to sign off that the delivery people have been helpful and pleasant and that you got sufficient warning. When will internet firms realise how important the customer facing bit is. No amount of cost saving (and I went to Wayfair because I liked the design, so it was not about price) is worth a week of delivery hell.

busjs79 Wed 05-Aug-15 20:18:14

On the flip side I've used them once (for a chest of drawers) and they were first class. Delivery at expected time and brought into house for me. I was delighted with both the furniture and the service.

Gozogozo Wed 12-Aug-15 14:35:18

I've had 3 deliveries, first 2 very quick & goods ranged from fine to fab. 3rd delivery was a total pain as was supposed to be delivered as previous 2 in a one hour window. It failed to appear & I spent ages going back & forth with wayfair till it transpired that parcel had been stuck in the bin by delivery Co. !!! Talk about a 'rubbish' place to hide it...

sueem Thu 18-Feb-16 18:53:46

Do take care when ordering from Wayfair. Their website details can be incorrect eg describing a Feather and minute amount of Down duvet as a 'Down duvet'.
Latest is selling unsafe non fire safety compliant upholstered chairs made in China but imported via France to cover the trail and giving them a Norwegian name! How many think to check for CE marks or upholstery safety tags?? Their product ranges are so large they have no idea what they are selling.

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