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Shallow Integrated Washing Machine - which one?

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WeAllHaveWings Fri 22-May-15 17:34:48

AEG washing machine has given up after 4 years (control panel fault ~£275 for the part alone, 2-3 weeks delivery) and need to replace. I've had AEG before which lasted years (my Mum's AEG lasted 5 kids and 22 years!), but washing machine repair man (WMRM) says they were bought over by Electrolux and are now very poorly made.

I need a shallow (max depth 54cm), integrated machine and the only ones I can find are makes I've never tried before here:

Beko (WMSR says ok, and only fire issues were with fridge freezers only)
AEG (again?)

Also found an Indesit on another site. Again a make I'm not familiar with.

Any recommendations/warnings? Need to order this weekend.

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