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Rangemaster or entry level Falcon please help

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cookerquest Sun 26-Apr-15 17:00:58

We have been saving up for 6 months to buy a Rangemaster Elise 110, now after reading a couple of negative reviews we are wondering if we should buy the entry level Falcon Continental 1092, They are around the same price at the mo, I prefer the look of the Elise but gather that a Falcon is going to be better build quality. I prefer the seperate grill on the Elise too but cannot afford the equivalent dulux Falcon model. Should I compromise on looks and grill for supposed better quality build and one extra yrs guarantee. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

grumpyoldlady Tue 02-Jun-15 22:00:16

I can't comment on the Rangemaster, but I have the, and it's great, the build quality is just fantastic and although what I really wanted was a Mercury, I'm totally happy with the Falcon. For me, having no separate grill would be a dealbreaker I'm afraid...our old cooker had the grill inside the oven and it was a bloody PITA!
Does it have to be a brand new one? We actually bought ours for around £1300 from eBay, brand new, still in packaging, but had been sitting in someone's garage for 12 months after their new kitchen extention fell through. There are a few reconditioned ones on there for a lot less than new prices, with 6 months warranty.

The other thing I love about the Falcon is that each burner has it's own pan stand, and the big one in the middle is actually two separate pieces...means the fit in the dishwasher, whereas my old big ones didn't. Don't know if the Rangemaster is the same or not, but that is something I wouldn't want to go back to either.

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