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Smoothie maker suggestions that will do raw kale and spinach

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overthemill Wed 25-Mar-15 15:54:26

Any body able to suggest a blender/smoothie maker that will actually process and not just chop raw kale and spinach? My stick blender which is otherwise excellent can't cope. Trying to make green smoothies with hemp protein powder for very sick dd who can't chew and is at risk of PEG otherwise. Price not exactly no object but willing to pay what is necessary

overthemill Wed 25-Mar-15 21:21:21


ThreeQuartersEmpty Fri 10-Apr-15 20:38:14

Just noticed this, sorry you've not had a reply sooner.

I have a juicer that, um, juices, raw kale and spinach. Leaves the dry husk behind. You could stir that into a smoothie and still get the vitamins? Is that what you are looking for?

It's a Sage one. It's v good.

peacoat Fri 10-Apr-15 20:42:14

i have a blender from Sainsbury's that I use for kale smoothies but I'm not sure it blends enough for you - it has little bits in it with raw kale. I think the spinach is fine though.

It's on sale at the moment for £17 and it's called Breville Blend Activ.

If you don't mind little bits with raw kale, i'd recommend it. It takes about 2 minutes from start to go, and you blend it in the container you drink it from.

TheRealMaryMillington Fri 10-Apr-15 20:43:20

Nutribullet will do it though by no means cheap.I was a bit skeptical at first but is truly brilliant. Makes things all delicious and mousey, copes with frozen banana, ice, frozen spinach etc. The other chopper/blender things I had previously made smoothies that were more like a rough pesto or mint sauce.

If you search nutribullet on here you will get recommendations for another version, might be Breville that people also really rate.

Hope your DD will soon improve.

peacoat Fri 10-Apr-15 20:45:44

Yep mine is a bit 'rough pesto' to be fair.

Cecyhall Fri 10-Apr-15 20:47:18

Agree that nutribullet is great but kale can still sometimes not get quite as smooth as I really want. Spinach is no problem for it.

I've been using the baby kale from florette recently, much easier to blend!

sleeponeday Tue 12-May-15 01:38:29

Blendtec. They're £250 in Costco stores and £350 online everywhere else.

I don't have one - not at that price - but they demo'd one in Costco when we were there, and it was amazing. Kale and pineapple and some seeds processed to absolute silkiness. That or a Viitamax do anything you want, but you have to pay insane prices for it.

I don't think anything cheaper copes with kale, but as mentioned it would be fine with spinach.

noodle8000 Tue 12-May-15 04:45:54

Also try taking the center stem out of the kale and spinach first...

Newquay Fri 15-Apr-16 08:25:36

I use nutribullet pro (the discontinued one) to do kale. It's always fine but I do have to blend it for quite a while (well - 30 long loud seconds). Sometimes twice. Nutribullet does the job imo

27yummymummy Mon 03-Oct-16 11:57:20

I use a nutribullet too and it works with kale and spinach. They might be a bit expensive but I use mine most days so the cost has definitely been worth it, and I expect it will last years.

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