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Leather or fabric sofa?

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starshaker Mon 12-Jan-15 15:57:43

I really need a new sofa. The old 1 is falling to bits and not very comfortable. I dont particularly want to spend much money and im unsure whether to buy fabric or leather.

What do you guys think?

suddenlycupishalffull Sat 07-Feb-15 18:06:54

I vote for fabric. Have had both in the past and found it to be true that the leather felt cold in the winter and clammy/ sweat-inducing in the summer. Fabric is much more cosy smile

chocolatereindeer Sat 07-Feb-15 18:16:10

We've got one of each and I vote fabric. Yes the leather is easier to keep clean but it's cold and any throws just slip off so you can't get really comfy and snugly in it. If you like the look of leather though how about one of those half and half ones, where the frame is leather and the cushions are fabric. I'd love one like that.

vikkiroberts84 Fri 06-Mar-15 09:18:41

Leather's easier to clean but if you want a fabric sofa for comfort than why not go for a fabric which is easier to clean? have a fabric called cantarra that's supposed to be remove wine stains - ask for a sample?

PatterofaMinion Sat 14-Mar-15 08:37:55

We have one of each, the fabric one is hard to clean so get something with removable covers if you have children.

However the leather one is really cold and I avoid sitting on it in the winter.

I think on balance, fabric with washable covers. Ours hasn't got them, I had to wash the cushion covers once and did it with cold water in the bath and they went very slimy as the fireproofing stuff sort of melted...I looked it up and it said don't let them dry as they will be hard like glue, so I kept washing them for ages till it had mostly come off.

They dried very soft and are now washable again, but not fire proof!

The fixed parts of it are getting gradually covred in felt pen and yogurt however. sigh

Ikea Ektorp OTOH has been wonderfully washable. Have that in the children's room. Fantastic.

hellospring Sat 14-Mar-15 10:32:51

Leather if you have small kids or the possibility of them on the horizon. Ours are never cold to sit on.

TheIronGnome Wed 20-May-15 09:07:07

Fabric with washable covers. Leather is cold or sweaty and always slidey.

Dowser Sun 05-Jul-15 08:59:40

Leather all the way.

I'd never have fabric again.

Trentmum Thu 20-Aug-15 11:04:12

I know I am late adding to this topic, but thought I would share my experience with you. I have two sofas in my kitchen, which take a lot of wear and tear. They were originally covered in a luxurious woven and velvet pile fabric, but discoloured over time, and were virtually uncleanable due to the velvet pile. I even got a specialist company and they refused to clean them. So I had them recovered in a lime green washable fabric. Sorted. Or so I thought. The fabric began to fade in the sunlight, within about 6 weeks. Over a period of two years it went from lime green to acid yellow. It looked awful. It also lost colour in any area that I spot cleaned it. So I began to look for an alternative that was colour fast, and hard wearing, but wasn't leather. I did my research and found a fabric called Impala. And I have to say, it is fantastic. It is hard wearing, looks and feels like suede, so is very tactile, but you can throw anything at it and it wipes off with a white terry cloth and water. I had my sofas recovered several months ago, and I have been delighted with them. The fabric is stain and water mark proof. The company sent me a sample, so before I went ahead with having my sofas recovered, I rubbed chocolate into it, spilled red wine on it, even wrote on it with a Stabilo pen, and everything just wiped away. I wish someone had recommended it to me before the lime green cover debacle, it would've saved me a fortune. The company has a video on their website so you can see how easy it is to remove stains including emulsion paint etc. I just want to stress that I am not affiliated or involved with the company in any way, I just think the product is superb and wanted to share my experience of it. It could be the answer to the leather v fabric dilemma. I have posted a photo of one of my sofas.

ultramod Mon 24-Aug-15 13:14:10

Thanks Trentmum. Been looking for something like this for ages - I came across an American company (I can't remember the name) doing something similar a few months ago but they couldn't do anything for me in the UK so I've been looking ever since.

Took a little looky at those guys - not cheap sofas mind you but I suppose if they last it's probably worth it. I've got myself a material sample on it's way - took a bit of searching though to find it.

Trentmum Wed 26-Aug-15 08:02:35

That's fantastic to hear. I'm glad I have helped. My sofa is in a colour called Straw, my new one is being made in Slate. Let me know what you think when the swatch try rubbing stuff into it so you are confident it'll stay clean.

Trentmum Wed 26-Aug-15 08:05:17

Oh, and by the way, I got my sofas recovered locally, Impala just supplied the fabric, so you could use any company to make your sofas, which may make them more affordable. Mine were from PF Collections in Long Eaton, Notts.

Lily7050 Sat 12-Dec-15 16:35:50

Many thanks to Trentmum for sharing the knowledge about impala fabric. Shame, I discovered this topic so late: I have already ordered my sofa-bed in linen fabric. I went for linen because any synthetic fabric irritates my sensitive skin and I get horribly itchy. Then it came to my mind that linen will absorbs cooking smells quickly and get stinky I got the open plan kitchen/living room. So I thought leather would be a better option for the open plan. Now I am trying to find out if it is not late to replace linen with leather.
Well, I guess if it is too late, I will have to wait until the linen gets worn off and re-upholster my sofa-bed with Impala fabric. The only thing is I will need to find out whether Impala is ok for sensitive skin.

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