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Need help with choosing cooker!

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LadyMcFish Tue 06-Jan-15 14:19:36

Our faithful Parkinson Cowan cooker has packed in after 7 years (probably more as it comes with the house). Because the cooker was covered by insurance, we are being offered a new replacement grin

Now the difficult part. There's enough space for a 55cm cooker so our choice is only Zanussi or Stove Mini Range.

If we want to go more generic brand with 60cm like hotpoint, indesit, belling. We will have to do some DIY job in the kitchen in order to take 'slightly' bigger cooker.

The main priority is the cooker needs to have a splash glass back. I really appreciate the splash back as i can just close the glass and enjoy the extra working surface (gluttered small kitchen). I would like dual fuel as the fan assisted oven sounds nice (compared to old uneven temperature gas oven).

Both husband and I love to cook and I bake quite a bit. So any recommendations are welcome or which particular brand should I stay away?

Thank you in advance smile

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