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Premium combi microwave 4 times the price of a basic one?

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Snowmonkey77 Sat 01-Nov-14 21:50:57

Preparing for baby's arrival I have been researching microwaves so I can warm milk, sterilise bottles, defrost and warm frozen meals I will make and put in freezer, etc etc.. I have never have a microwave before and had thought I just wanted a basic no frills microwave.. but now having done my research I have found myself coveting this one:

It is a premium combi microwave with grill, convection oven and microwave and at £429 it is way more expensive than the £80-£100 I had expected to pay.. It has a 5 year guarantee and consistently good reviews - the equivalent models at half the price are either enormous (we have a small kitchen) or appear to have drawbacks in terms of performance/reliability.

I do a lot of cooking but we live in a rented house with a cheapie Baby Belling electric cooker which I hate - grill is difficult to control, oven is not fan-assisted and takes an age to heat etc. Landlord won't allow us to put in a gas one and I don't want to replace it with a better electric cooker, only to have to leave it behind us when we leave.

Has anyone had experience of these ovens? In my situation would it be worth shelling out the extra in your view for the grill and oven features? User reviews are so positive and the build quality looks so much better than the bog standard microwaves but want to justify the investment to myself with some second opinions!

Many thanks smile

ishouldcocoa Thu 06-Nov-14 23:14:12

Yes we have one. Not as swanky as that model, but I do use it.
We are currently without kitchen, so it's my main source of cooking, but if I'm not microwaving, I use it at times like Christmas in addition to our Aga. It's great for serious roast potatoes!

Snowmonkey77 Fri 07-Nov-14 08:15:00

Thanks Ishouldcocoa - have decided to go for it (expecting delivery today) and start working out how to use all the features before baby arrives. I am a complete microwave idiot and always manage to blow up whatever I am reheating in the work kitchen!

ishouldcocoa Fri 07-Nov-14 23:14:37

Don't do what I did. Leave the sterilising equipment in the microwave, then switch it to convection to heat to 200 degrees! Lost the whole lot. A molten mess.

Hopefully in the 15 years since that has happened, either bottles have got tougher or microwaves have got cleverer!

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