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Anyone got the FRIHETEN Corner sofa bed from Ikea?

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Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-14 21:05:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-14 21:06:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Titsalinabumsquash Tue 21-Oct-14 21:10:19


I. Have got this recently and we find it really comfortable as a sofa and a bed, it's quite firm but I prefer that, it's really roomy and the storage is incredibly handy. smile

Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-14 21:15:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Titsalinabumsquash Tue 21-Oct-14 21:19:31

I don't use s topper but of your MIL likes a softer mattress then you might want to get a king one, we just put a king sheet on and make it up like a bed, I use separate pillows but I'm precious about preserving my new sofas cleanliness grinblush

We store a complete bedding set in the storage bit so it's always ready to him it's so fabulously easy to pull in and out.

It's a lot bigger than it feels/looks in store if that makes sense.

Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-14 21:21:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

londonsan Fri 24-Oct-14 11:58:05

hi, is it possible to keep both parts separate? meaning, the sofa as an L doesnt fit entirely well, but I could keep it as two separate couches and then put them together when the bed is needed. does it make any sense? Thanks!

Sleepytea Fri 24-Oct-14 12:06:16

We had one of these. I found when the bed was made up, one half was hard, the other half was softer. You can buy a mattress topper but we never bothered. We also used separate pillows and kept all the bedding in the unit underneath.

Waswondering Sat 01-Nov-14 18:27:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

temporaryguy123 Sun 24-May-15 16:02:29

No, the couch cannot be taken apart in two. Great couch, though, especially if you live in an apartment! All feature work as well as I've hoped. We often have friends stay on it, even sleep on it ourselves sometimes for fun.

hoopyloopy2 Tue 16-Jun-15 17:02:15

Bumping this post as keen to know if anyone has any other views on this sofa bed. It's my fave at the moment after lots of research but still waiting to take the plunge & buy. Should I?!

Gozogozo Wed 17-Jun-15 19:15:48

Sit on it for a while as you might at home. If you like it, get it. We have it & like it a lot. We have put a topper on for guests & they have been very happy. Had it for 3 months or so.

Gozogozo Wed 17-Jun-15 19:17:28

PS I store 2 pillows & a double duvet in a vacuum bag plus topper in the storage part. It is well thought out.

WidowWadman Wed 17-Jun-15 19:18:36

We've recently bought it. Nobody slept on it yet, but very comfy as a sofa

Girl890 Tue 01-Sep-15 10:26:38 I bought this version of the friheten this past weekend. It is a very firm couch. Very tall. I am not sure I like it...... At the store it seemed ok but now I have spent more time, It is just very hard....the storage is good, it looks very modern. Very hard

HallyWell Fri 09-Oct-15 06:15:01

Friheten looks and feels awesome, a bit firmer than the Manstad but definitely more ergonomic. They removed one of the arms (or lowered it) so longer people would be able to stretch in full sleeping in it.

I used to have the older version called Manstad and was considering the friheten to replace it when the sofa's fabric was falling apart, but then I found these guys called comfort works from Au and they are able to build you a custom slipcover for all your IKEA sofas, definitely get the friheten, here's another post I found for Friheten slipcover:

Chazinda Wed 07-Dec-16 06:13:24

I want to buy a corner sofa bed. Ideally it should have room for two adults to sleep (occasionally)
My budget is £1000. Can you recommend any?
Most cheep once have cushions that wear off very quickly. So I would like to find a durable one. Any suggestions?

woody3269 Sat 21-Jan-17 16:38:45

Hi Chazinda have you found one that you like? I am in the same boat as you!

Jaykew Tue 14-Mar-17 23:03:34

I'm keen to buy a Friheten but the possible problem I have is access to the loft bedroom. Access is up a standard width staircase and at the top is two bedroom doors and I want to put it in one of them Does the item come in separate sections The 'landing area at the top is the width of the stairs square.

StillSeekingResponsibleAdult Tue 14-Mar-17 23:13:00

I have a ink{ } sofa. I've not tried their sofabed versions, but can recommend as hard wearing (hard stare at DSs who have been told many times not to jump on it) and good for getting to inaccessible spots (through self-assembly which wasn't much fun).

StillSeekingResponsibleAdult Tue 14-Mar-17 23:15:14

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