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Pots and pans recommendations please!

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binkybonk Thu 01-May-14 02:25:23

Hello kitchen supremos:
I have been muddling by with ikea and or other cheapie pots and pans and have two main problems- the handles are hot because they are all metal and the non stick ones are peeling off- sometimes in my food!!
So I'm going to treat myself to a good, long lasting set. Got on the John Lewis website and am now thoroughly confused! So;
1. Non stick or not? If not then what?
2. Any brand? My defaults are John Lewis or Le Creuset but prepared to branch out if you have a good tip. Although having said that, it needs to be deliverable from UK so stocked by John Lewis/ Debenhams or big department stores.
Thank you!

shimmyshimmycocopop Thu 01-May-14 19:35:59

Stellar - I've had mine for more than 10 years and they look as good as new. They do a whole range (& I think I've got all sizes pots plus frying pan) I'm pretty certain they are stocked at John Lewis too.

HenI5 Thu 01-May-14 19:45:38

Hi binky

I cook a lot and have tried and gathered all kinds of pots and pans.
Personally I'm not an advocate of buying into sets as although they come up cheaper than individual items there are always some you use and some you don't. So my first tip is to think about exactly what you need.
You also need to think about the heat source you use and whether it's only you using them (especially for non-stick) e.g. if you have an induction hob you need stainless steel.

This is what I find I use most and why.
le Crueset plain base enameled large casserole dish
le Crueset buffet casserole - lidded but wide and shallow
small pan with a lip for sauces and gravies
larger pan for rice and similar
massive stainless steel stock pot
steamer pan for vegetables
small frying pan for omelettes and little jobs
large frying pan
very large sauté pan which doubles as a kind of wok

So think about what you cook and how and then you can look at options.
Some of my pans are from the Judge Vista non-stick draining range and they've been excellent for value and for performance. The non stick has held up really well over the years but I am very protective of them, no metal implements and I handwash them. Woebetide anyone who approaches them with a metal spoon angry

If that range interests you use a search engine as lots of places sell them and there are sale and special offers on frequently, which is when I buy. You don't need to pay full price.

Chasseur is a good alternative to le crueset and Lakeland sell cast iron cookware too but I don't know the quality. I can vouch that ours are virtually 'lifetime' purchases, so actually work out cheap in the long run.
If you do look for alternative makes of cast iron be careful, I saw some on an offer in Tesco but they were already chipped from being on display, which is not a good indication of value.

Hope all that's food for thought smile

bramblina Thu 17-Jul-14 00:44:45

I have a full set of Le Creuset pots, and two casseroles and I adore them. They are heavy, my Mother in law struggles with them, my own Mum cannot lift them so I'm not sure I'll have them when I'm 75 but I got my first one 15 years ago and use it just about every day. It tells a story, doesn't look new but cooks just as well now as it did then. I agree with the observations of those above, and the good thing is LC can be bought individually. I picked one of mine up in Macarthur Glen in York for �27 I think it should have been �45, it's the smallest one. I would highly recommend LC.

lessonsintightropes Thu 17-Jul-14 00:52:25

I bought a set of Meyer pans in 2004 which are still going strong ten years later - none of them need replacing and the non-stick still works. My non-stick Ikea wok, however, is doing badly; my Le Crueset collection (built over the last ten years) is doing fine - but if I had to recommend one set, really those Mayer pans have taken some hammering and are doing very well today.

another vote for stellar here, had mine for 16 years and they are like new.

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