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Fridge broken! How to keep milk fresh

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BaileysOnRocks Mon 28-Apr-14 19:49:23

That's it really! New fridge is coming on Sunday so any ideas if I can keep milk fresh? Thank you!

gamerchick Mon 28-Apr-14 19:50:57

sink of cold water filled with ice cubes? Or use powdered until then.

LadySybilVimes Mon 28-Apr-14 19:50:58

Run a sink full of cold water and add ice. Stick milk in iced water. Replace water/ice as needed.

Mintyy Mon 28-Apr-14 19:52:25

I would buy the minimum amount I need daily and keep it in a cool box with supermarket ice outside.

AlpacaLypse Mon 28-Apr-14 19:53:08

Put milk container in a bowl with water in the bottom. Drape a tea towel over it with ends in the water.

Works on the white wine when we go camping!

LadySybilLikesCake Mon 28-Apr-14 19:53:39

You'll be forever changing the water in a fridge. Do you have some ice packs and a cool box? You should be able to keep it cold for hours, just keep rotating the ice packs when they melt and try not to take the top off to often.

You could also freeze the milk and leave it out. Then drain the milk off as it melts and use it for your coffee.

Mintyy Mon 28-Apr-14 19:53:53

Milk will stay fresh for 24 hours anyway in this weather (unless you are not in the UK). Buy a pint at a time.

LadySybilLikesCake Mon 28-Apr-14 19:54:06

I don't mean fridge, I mean sink!

BaileysOnRocks Mon 28-Apr-14 20:25:43

Thank you so much! I am in the uk. It's the fridge freezer that is broken so no ice and can't freeze it but I will try the sink of water!! smile

LadySybilLikesCake Mon 28-Apr-14 20:29:05

Can you ask a neighbour if you can keep some ice packs in their freezer?

TravelinColour Mon 28-Apr-14 20:29:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreenMonth Mon 28-Apr-14 20:32:24

If you have cool bag or a cool box you can buy bags of ice cubes in the supermarket very cheaply and use that to keep it cool. Alternatively ask a neighbour to freeze cool blocks for you.

BaileysOnRocks Mon 28-Apr-14 20:34:49

DH has gone to the shop to see if he can get ice!

Lady - my neighbour is 90 years old so wouldn't want to keep disturbing her but I could freeze it in parents freezer tomorrow and leave it in the sink. Thanks a lot guys - always scared of posting (even over milk) but you're all lovely and helpful!

LadySybilLikesCake Mon 28-Apr-14 20:37:45

Oh, don't be scared sad

I hope you get it sorted quickly.

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