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Super duper blackout blind needed!

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TheDetective Wed 09-Apr-14 23:37:33

Can anyone recommend one?

I need one to fit 183cm width, 150cm drop.

I have curtains, but they won't be for use (not wide enough), so the black out blind needs to be awesome grin. It's for a toddlers room. I want NO light! So I can get some friggin' sleep!.

Please give me your recommendations.

TheDetective Thu 10-Apr-14 20:19:51

Bumping for anyone who can help!

Tory79 Thu 10-Apr-14 20:22:42

I me there is no such thing as a perfect blackout blind, light always sneaks in somewhere.

Dh taped foil over the window in ds room - worked like a dream!

TheDetective Thu 10-Apr-14 21:40:52

I have had two quotes, one for £95 from a local blind company. And one for £24 from Ikea. I'm swaying towards Ikea for some reason grin.

Has anyone got a Tupplur blackout blind then?!

nirishma Thu 10-Apr-14 21:43:56

Hilary's are good. They come to your home to measure the window and then magically return with a perfect fitting blackout blind in the colour/ pattern you desire.

They also do nice shutters - now those can make a room dark! grin

nirishma Thu 10-Apr-14 21:46:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Serafinaaa Thu 10-Apr-14 21:49:52

You need one that you stick onto the frame with velcro. You don't get any light through with those! I got mine from somewhere online like 'easy blinds'?

cariadmawr Thu 10-Apr-14 21:52:40

I had 2 on dunhelm one red and AMAZING !!!!really good price too

TedGlen Thu 10-Apr-14 21:55:23

I agree with serafinaaa, the ones that Velcro onto the window frame are the only way to achieve full blackout. I got ours from amazon. The fabric needs to be bigger than the window (2-3inches all the way around) to block out all light.

Lg74 Sun 04-May-14 21:40:20

I've got the Ikea blackout blind and found it very good. It's the white one and combined with next blackout curtains makes my baby's room nice and dark.

ouryve Sun 04-May-14 21:43:18

We have a blackout blind with blackout curtains. It's pretty dark in there with them all closed!

Thurlow Sun 04-May-14 21:45:50

Another one with a blackout blind and blackout curtains. It's pitch bloody black in there now grin We got these curtains the other week as they're only sale and that with the cheaper blind works really well.

With either on their own there's room for light to creep through. The two together works much better.

MaxsMummy2012 Sun 04-May-14 21:48:07

Get a 'gro anywhere blackout blind' I got mine from amazon - it is brilliant and because it is suctioned to the window you can get it right into the corners. We were already using a Dunelm blackout roller blind and curtains lined in blackout fabric but even combined they aren't a patch on this 'gro blind', honestly it is pitch black (like a cave) it's brilliant.

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