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Should the manufacture be liable to help!?

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sammyjayneex Mon 07-Apr-14 22:57:34


Very upset today.

I have found out that my
Sofa could 'possibly' have wood worm as I have seen some of the wood worm lavae at the back and under my Sofa. Now I bought this sofa 2 and a half years ago from harveys and it cost me £647 for a 2 seater and a 3 seater. At the time we were in a much better financial position to afford it. Now however we are not so we can not replace this sofa. I've contacted harveys and they say they are not liable as it's out of warranty but after doing research online the wood worm can take up to 3 years to develop so I'm wondering if it's been there in the wood (the eggs) before I purchased it) I vaccumm this sofa evey day I mop my floors and I am clean. I have looked after his sofa (as you would at that price) and now this week I will have to have the council picking it up to throw on the rubbish heap after costing me all that money.

Before I got this sofa I never had this problem. With my Last sofa I never had this problem (got rid of my last one as I moved house and the corner suite I had would not fit in new house) and these 'things' are no where else in my House apart from this sofa.

To me I think the materials used where not treated properly when product was made but harveys are saying I have to
Prove it's the products and get inspections and reports done costing me money I DONT have.

So looks like we will all be sitting on the floor as from next week and there's no way we can get another sofa. We only have money to pay bills and food we live month to month like that and don't have spare.

You could say get a second hand One but you don't know where these have come from and I could end up in the same position

Just having a really bad day and wanted to rant

sammyjayneex Mon 07-Apr-14 22:59:42

Just want to say that the larvae I am seeing are tiny white worms with red/brown tip and alive!

Can't you get it treated? It would cost less than a new sofa and would hopefully stop it spreading to anywhere else in your house.

AuditAngel Mon 07-Apr-14 23:08:00

Alternatively, do you have a furniture project near you? They recycle furniture to enable people on low incomes to get furniture.

If not, some charities run furniture shops (near me both Princess Alice Hospice and FARA)

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