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kitchen extractor fan, above island, flush-fiitting to ceiling

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kipfeli Mon 20-Jan-14 13:35:19

Does anyone have experience of ceiling fitted cooker hoods/extractor fans? Rather than a cooker hood which would obstruct views and intrude we'd like an extractor fan which fits flush to the ceiling above the hob on the island.

Our room will be 45sq m so we need a fan with 1000 m3 extraction rate.

We've found Westin and Caple do extractors to which you can fit an inline motor outside the kitchen (ours would be in adjacent garage).

Does anyone have experience of Westin or Caple (or other) flush-fitting kitchen extractors?

And we haven't even started on other appliances!!!!

MMMMMaria Fri 06-Jun-14 14:20:54

This is exactly what I am now looking for so am hoping that someone will come back with some feedback! Please...

kipfeli Fri 06-Jun-14 21:33:24

We went for a Westin Stratus, with motor in the adjacent garage and ducted out of the garage roof. Looks superb, is VERY quiet. We haven't started using the kitchen yet (just cleaning and admiring it, wondering who this amazing kitchen belongs to!!); so can't say how effective it is but the motor is 1000 m3/hr so very powerful. Happy hunting

Pinkfizzy Mon 28-Jul-14 00:24:49

Any other people got a powerful extractor (Asaian cooking) which isn't deafening / has an external motor?

farida123 Tue 05-Aug-14 13:07:17

I will recommend you all to contact Twickenham kitchen designs in Heath rd Twickenham .
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