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Samsung fridge freezer - any reasons not to buy???

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longtallsally2 Wed 01-Jan-14 10:39:43

Looking at this one - Samsung RL60GZEIH Fridge Freezer

Hoping to order it tomorrow but just wanted to check whether the collective MN wisdom suggests any reason not to buy. I'm looking for the biggest freezer possible on a fridge-freezer, and this seems to be it, except there is one Liebherr bigger, but no-one seems to have reviewed it, and I believe that Liebherr reviews can be v. expensive. (The Samsung comes with a 5 year guarantee)


Spermysextowel Wed 01-Jan-14 17:17:07

My sister has a Liebherr freezer with a Liebherr fridge on top because that was the only thing that fitted with her new kitchen. She's pleased with them but did find them expensive; she could've had more features for the same price but the external configuration just didn't work.

Frozennortherner Fri 03-Jan-14 10:17:27

IME, Samsung have a very very good customer service repair policy. This alone will make me buy another. Some background: fridge freezer warranty ran out, called Samsung, quick repair free of charge. Polite, competent and efficient.

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