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CSL aka Sofaworks

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Malecowpooinabundance Tue 24-Dec-13 16:04:45

Has anyone else had a horrendous experience with this company? Six delivery dates but no sofa. We'll be spending Christmas Day seated on the floor thanks to their broken promises. I can't quite believe that despite hours on the phone to their premium rate number we are without the sofa we have paid for. Does anyone work for this company? It must be sole destroying, I wish I had looked at the reviews on the net or the watchdog stuff before parting with my cash.

Merry Christmas mumsnetters!

15lw Wed 10-Feb-16 15:35:52

I ordered a new sofa last January and after 12 weeks it arrived damaged, there was a 2 inch cut in the leather, the delivery driver reported this straight away and said they would be in touch to resolve this issue, after loads of calls they finally sent a guy out to fix the problem, he turned up with a wax crayon and said he will color the mark in, we explained this was not going to happen as we have just spent £3500 on this sofa and they are not coloring anything in, after several more calls (and several months) to Sofa work they sent another engineer out who sanded the leather down and re stained it, once again this was not a great job, so i was back onto Sofa Works demanding this gets resolved, they then agreed to replace the damaged leather section, finally a engineer turned up this Friday ( 10 months after the delivery )and proceeded to replace the back of the damaged seat, as he was in a rush, the finished job was less than impressive (what a surprise ) and now there is no filling at the top of the back rest, i have spoke to Sofa Works and they have told me that this is a new issue and i will have to DRESS THE SEAT as they have fixed the original problem, i explained this is not a new issue, it is VERY POOR workmanship on there engineer when he repaired my sofa, unfortunately i am not getting anywhere with these people so i am having to seek legal advise, i am sure this will be resolved eventually but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and spend your hard earned money with another company as these guys are not what they say on the tin, i am sure one day i will see these guys on Rouge Traders, watch this space

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