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Real chocolate chip ice cream?

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DaddyIsHome Tue 10-Dec-13 11:01:44

I am in a mission to find chocolate chip ice cream that I had once when I was younger. It was plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, simple. All i can seem to find now is chocolate with chocolate chips. Where can i get the ice cream i want?!hmm

PsychicPaper Tue 10-Dec-13 11:20:19

Its often called strachiatella

make your own?

DaddyIsHome Tue 10-Dec-13 11:31:21

Thanks PsycicPaper. I could make my own but my efforts to cook often end up going terribly wrong grin

PsychicPaper Tue 10-Dec-13 13:31:07

Movenpick make one, but no idea where you could source it

DaddyIsHome Tue 10-Dec-13 18:35:36

Oooh no way! I will be looking into that! grin

philden Thu 12-Dec-13 07:48:23

buy a good quality vanilla and some choc chips
partially melt ice cream stir in choc chips and refreeze
couldn't be more simple to make your own - cheat!!
for Xmas add a few spoons your favourite liqueur
or mint choc chip add peppermint flavouring & few drops green food colouring

DaddyIsHome Thu 12-Dec-13 08:40:40

Thanks Philden. I thought it was dangerous to re freeze ice cream grin

philden Thu 12-Dec-13 10:03:45

I partially melt it but not till it resembles soup, just soft enough to stir in choc chips etc
As far as I am aware my family and friends have all survived my "homemade" ice creams

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