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Any recommendations -Portable dvd player and gear

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lavenderdoilly Sun 24-Nov-13 11:28:53

Can you recommend a good value 9 inch screen portable dvd player with 2 headphones sockets. Also headphones and headrest holder thingy. DD is nearly 7. There are only so many car games ...

2 headphone sockets will be hard to find. A headphone splitter will be much easier to find.

Nextbase DVDs are cheap. Ours barely lasted a year of light use. We replaced with a Bush which seems to much better quality for only a little more.

Currys have a Logik DVD Player on offer at half price. I couldn't comment on the quality but the price is good. Logik is apparently Curry's own brand. You may well have a store near you where you can take a proper look at one?

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