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Is Comfort Pure safe to use on babies bedclothes?

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MAH1480 Sun 27-Oct-13 09:11:32

I have only just seen big warnings on the side of liquid fabric conditioners, stating that they should not be used on babies' sleepwear as they increase flammability. (Sorry if this is old news, but have only just realised...!) however, my bottle of Comfort Pure has no such warning, and even has a picture of a sleeping baby on it, suggesting perfectly safe...
Can anyone tell me if all liquid fabric conditioners should be avoided, or if Comfort Pure is actually the exception?

I have never seen/noticed anything about flammability. But then I am using Comfort that has been in my shed for years grin

I think as long as you keep your baby away from naked flames it won't be an issue grin You were probably going to do that anyway, right?

Baby/child sleepwear is, AFAIK, treated to make it more fire retardant. I suspect that coatings like fabric conditioner might make it less effective, and that is what they mean.

MAH1480 Sun 27-Oct-13 10:51:03

I have googled it, and there is something about the chemicals used in fabric conditioner which actually increase the flammability of materials, not just make the flame resistance redundant. Obviously, not planning on putting my DD anywhere near a flame, but in the unlikely (hopefully!) event of a house fire, would be concerned about having her wearing something that would basically attract flame rather than repel. I just can't understand why all other fabric conditioners have this warning, but Comfort doesn't....but from what I can tell, all fabric conditioners are made in practically the same way! It is the very same thing that makes the fabrics all light and soft which makes them more flammable...

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