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Can anyone find me email of top bod at Caple?

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Madamecastafiore Thu 24-Oct-13 20:51:45

After 5 visits they are still dicking us about concerning a product we purchased. Wasn't cheap and at 8.5m pregnant the message that we got today that they want one more chance to fix it is just not going to wash.

They now want to replace a part they have already replaced thinking that's going to fix it.
Am totally fucked off and the blurb on their site about quality and the top end magazines they advertise in would lead you to believe they are actually quite good.


DH just keeps giving them more and more chances but I don't want to have to wait in for another engineer visit or risk it dragging on till after baby born.

The technical manager is ringing me tomorrow but if he doesn't offer a refund or a replacement I am writing to, if can find his email address, the top bod and then posting on twitter and Facebook about how appalling they are.


Please help ladies.

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