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A quiet dehumidifier to stop condensation & mould in childs bedroom - reccommendations pls

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johnnybuoy Wed 23-Oct-13 00:14:05

Our 5 yr old daughters boxroom has two outside walls and a fairly old double glazed window. Every morning condensation appears on the window and some mould has also appeared on the outside walls. It's next to the bathroom so I'm sure the steam from showers etc don't help.
Can you give me some reccommendations for a quiet , relatively compact dehumidifier with a tank big enough to only require emptying once a day. Quietness is probably the top priority because I'd like it to run for at least part of the night to stop the condensation appearing.

Atavistic Wed 23-Oct-13 00:31:57

Duracraft DD tec10e, from Argos. I think it cost about £130. It's very compact, and empty it every 3-4 days. I keep it and run it in the bathroom, and takes about an hour after every shower to bring the humidity back down to 50. It would seem more logical to run it where the steam is produced, rather than where the damp settles.
Too noisy to sleep with, IMO. It was the most recommended one, when I researched it, and we've been v pleased. I noticed immediately that my bedclothes in the adjoining bedroom seemed much drier - like a freshly changed bed.

MurkyMinotaur Wed 23-Oct-13 00:42:55

I've used two. Noise and effectiveness have seemed to be opposing factors.

One was an inexpensive mini-dehumidifier which was whisper-quiet but ineffective, taking a week to gather less than a litre.

We upgraded to a mid-range Dimplex one (from Argos), which is louder because of the fan and refridgeration unit inside. But it collects much, much more. We pour away litres per day, when we have wet washing. The tank is large enough and most should switch off automatically when full. Ours makes a background whirring noise, rather than a disturbing motor noise but I'd move it to another room when I want to sleep. It's fine in the next room, but not so much where you're relaxing.

Reading Amazon reviews might help, wherever you actually buy one from.

Another thought, can you leave a window open slightly through the night? Is that safe enough and secure?

johnnybuoy Wed 23-Oct-13 13:40:21

thanks for your replies. The reason I would like to keep it in the room is that the worst condensation occurs on the inside of the window. I guess if the air is dry starting off the night this may not happen as much. Unfortunately leaving the window slightly open wouldn't be possible.

LittleTulip Fri 01-Nov-13 07:52:39

Ebac 2650 or Meaco 10 litre one.

ChunkyPickle Fri 01-Nov-13 08:00:01

I have this one, for the exact same reason, and whilst it doesn't seem to collect a lot of water it means that we wake up with dry mouths rather than water pooling on the window sill. It's very quiet too - just a fan.

It wouldn't do any good for a real damp problem (I had a huge, refrigerating one in a different house, and it was awesome for drying the washing - this wouldn't help with that), but for a conservatory, or our breath overnight in a cold room it's just about perfect.

eugenevdw Wed 02-May-18 17:01:22

If you're looking for the quietest dehumidifier then you probably need to get a desiccant type. There are some pretty quiet compressor type dehumidifiers too these days. Here are some good options:

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