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Rangemaster vs Belling

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EggInABap Wed 25-Sep-13 13:10:49

Hi all

I am having a new kitchen put in and had decided to purchase a brand new belling 90cm range cooker for £880.

BUT I have now seen a 'refurbished' rangemaster pro 90 on eBay for £865 with delivery. However it doesn't haven't any glass in the doors so I wouldn't be able to see anything whilst it's cooking.

Now knowledgeable people, does it matter that there's no glass doors on the rangemaster, will this drive me nuts? Have only just really started getting into cooking at the grand age of 31.

Also am I better off getting a brand new range from belling than a refurbished rangemaster? Warranty on the belling is 1 year, on the rangemaster 6 months.

I look forward to hearing from any experts out there!

EggInABap Wed 25-Sep-13 21:08:24

Bumpy bumpy for evening crew!

Laquila Sat 19-Oct-13 22:23:58

Just so happened that we were in Currys today, looking at electric double built-in ovens, and got distracted by their range cookers!

Personally I preferred the look of the Belling one to the Rangemaster Kitchener 90, and as a keen baker who's getting rid of her stupid Rayburn because it cremates everything and hasn't got glass doors, I'd say go for the Belling!! (I am soooo excited to be getting an oven with glass doors!)

Hope this isn't hijacking your thread but I'd be very grateful to hear of anyone's experiences of built-in or built-under ovens from the above two brands?

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