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Plugs that don't pull out

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anka74 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:35:48

Hi all,

We've got a great Sebo vacuum cleaner, but I find myself being driven totally mad by the plug, which seems to pull out of sockets far too easily when dragging it around.

I have a product design background and I've misspent a few hours today (avoiding the cleaning!) coming up with a design of plug which would be more or less lockable into a uk style socket! :-p

I now feel a nice sense of achievement, but I suspect my invention is quite pointless. I imagine that I've just got a dodgy plug on the cleaner, which if it were changed it would be much less likely to pull out...

Is there anyone out there who also has this problem? Any helpful solutions? Wondering whether I should do anything with this idea.

It could also be useful for locking plugs in place in the kids rooms, but I can't imagine many would be motivated enough to want to change/retrofit the plug to be able to.

Any views welcome!

Snorbs Wed 18-Sep-13 12:40:56

Interesting idea but I think the BSI BS-1363 standard requires that the plugs are non-locking.

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