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Does anyone have a washer/dryer they're happy with?

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Minty82 Thu 22-Aug-13 12:46:21

We're moving house and won't have room for a separate washing machine and tumble. I've heard terrible things about the efficiency and reliability of washer/dryers, but don't think we have much choice, short of putting up with damp towels and bedding all winter. Anyone got one they'd recommend?

We've got a Bosch washer dryer. It's fine. It doesn't get things perfectly dry and it would help to have somewhere to air them for half an hour after drying, but it is't strictly necessary.

Before that we had a Zanussi, which was also fine.

nancerama Wed 11-Sep-13 21:42:53

Miele. I love it.

My last machine was a Hotpoint. I was delivered broken and spent more time in bits on the kitchen floor than it ever spent washing clothes.

My Miele actually gets stuff dry rather than just hot and wet. I do try and dry most things (except towels) outside though.

anka74 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:49:19

+1 for Miele, not cheep but you get what you pay for, it weighs as much as a small car and seems indestructible. Wore our our previous bosch (probably something to do with the cloth nappies...) :-)

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