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I'm having a bad time with Daewoo washer dryer!

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Joanne101030 Fri 16-Aug-13 15:31:29

I admit I got this for a decent price but alarm bells rung when it had to be replaced for a new one after 3 weeks! Two years -almost - down the road and I have had nothing but trouble with the damn thing. The 20 minutes quick wash is 1hr and 30 mins,sometimes it dries and sometimes it leaves things socking wet and now it has decided to trip the electric when it finished. Wisely and at some cost I have extended the guarantee but now I M having to wait for parts for a repair and so my pile of washing gets higher and higher. The Boos h I had 8 years ago and gave to a friend is still working and has not had a single problem. So, if you are looking for a washer dryer my advise is to look at another brand (don't)Know How have been clueless by the way .

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