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Kitchen buying, where the frick would I start?

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MultipleMama Sun 28-Jul-13 23:13:27

We're house hunting and seen a gorgeous house but has no kitchen. If we decided to go for the place.

How the hell would I go about fitting a kitchen. Is it really as simple as picking one from a store display and having them fit it?

I'm so clueless.

theWookiesWife Mon 29-Jul-13 16:20:43

It's not quite that simple ! But if you design it well, or have it designed to suit you and your family well - it can be something great to look forward to when it's installed ! There's loads of inspirational pics on Houzz - I'll post a link to my pro page on there and you can wander off around the site from there !
Try and choose furniture that suits the house to some extent too ! And that will match in well with your other furniture - helps the house flow better !!

MultipleMama Wed 31-Jul-13 15:06:27


Various places will design and quote for you. Wickes and John Lewis are the obvious major chains who will provide a design and, if needed, they will subcontract the fitting service for you.

Magnet and Wren are specifically Kitchen Chains. At one stage Magnet attracted complaints like a magnet. I'd check the reviews very carefully.

Ideally you want a local company with a good reputation to so the work.

Mum2354 Tue 10-Jun-14 13:01:16

Wren kitchens are superb quality at the best prices around. There's a store locator on their website simply put in your postcode and find your nearest store. They come and measure up ( for free!!) and then you sit with your designer and talk through what you want in your kitchen it's as simple as that, then if the price is right BUY!! All wren kitchens come with a 20 year guarantee and the service they provide is fantastic! If you go with magnet, wickes, b n q etc you will not get this!
My kitchen came in at a fantastic price with loads of discount , apparently they can discount there kitchen so much as it's a family run business. They do not use middle mans and borrow from banks etc, they own everything!
The owner does not have anything to do with MFI he sold the business to MFI long before it went bust.
I would recommend wren kitchens and already have to friends and family who are all pleased with their kitchen.
I always read reviews before buying something such as a new kitchen and I will say this.... Not every company is going to have outstanding reviews when something goes wrong people tend to write and complain about it compared to when people have a great experience with a company so sometimes the bad reviews out way the good!
See for yourself they are a fab company and highly recommended !

farida123 Tue 05-Aug-14 13:41:42

I would suggest to find small local companies for your kitchen project , as they will look after you more than big companies . plus in small companies there is a good service and you will get your kitchen design by a designer not a salesman . I used a small local company in Twickenham called Twickenham kitchen designs in heath road , they are fantastic .gave us lots of advice while we sat with their designer which I can see the result now when I am using my kitchen everyday. whatever he was suggesting then is benefitting me now.
I will highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good design and service and quality kitchen.
below is their website:

lunar1 Tue 05-Aug-14 13:44:38

I love my ikea one and got them out to help design it then used their instillation service. I got an amazing kitchen for much less than similar shops quoted me.

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