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Erm, single ovens. What do I need to know?!

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TheDetective Mon 01-Jul-13 21:39:44

We need one. Tomorrow! An inbuilt one.

What should I be looking for?!?!

I want something that is easy to clean - bug bear of old oven was that crap fell in to the oven door and you couldn't remove the glass to clean inside. Well, until today, when DP broke it grin.

Also, looking at sizes - nothing seems to fit. Are they giving the size of the exterior, because what fits under the side must surely be smaller? The hole left from the old unit is 59 x 59cm. So what size should I be looking for?!

Any advice on choosing the best one for us would be gratefully received. smile

culturemulcher Tue 02-Jul-13 10:57:39

I don't think this is going to be much help, but I looked for weeks to find an inbuilt single oven that actually fitted the space we have.

As you say, all the dimensions they give just say a generic 59 x 59. The only way I found to do it was to find a model I was interested in, then go to the actual manufacturers website and look up the exact specifications for that model. It's incredibly time consuming... and even then not an exact science. The first one we ordered, even after checking out the exact specifications didn't fit when it arrived. It was only out by 2mm, but enough not to fit the space.

In the end we had to go for a Hoover one to fit. I wouldn't recommend it because the temperature thermostat is out and it runs much too hot. sad but I can't find anything else to fit. sad

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