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Anyone bought bed linen from The Range?

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NeverMindOhWell Thu 04-Apr-13 21:45:10

It seems very cheap, 50% cotton 50% polyester (which is the same as Next's plain dye range).

Can anyone tell me their experience of the quality, good or bad?

Nombrechanger Thu 04-Apr-13 23:51:57

I have two sets and although the embroidery on it is not the absolute best, I am very happy with it and its survived many washes with no colour loss or shrinkage. I can't speak for all of it though.

NeverMindOhWell Fri 05-Apr-13 04:53:57

Thsnks, that do you mean the embroidery is not good? In that it looks cheap? Or the thread is unravelling?!

Nombrechanger Fri 05-Apr-13 11:14:23

The embroidery is unravelling a little. I also noticed a slight mistake in the pattern on one cover. Not that it's noticeable to anyone else but me.
You do get what you pay for after all.

TallyGrenshall Fri 05-Apr-13 11:16:52

I bought a set for DS from there and it's holding up really well I think. It doesn't feel luxurious or anything but it washes well, the pattern hasn't faded at all

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