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AEG condenser tumble dryer T65270AC - anti crease cycle

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gem1211 Tue 26-Mar-13 12:25:13

The anti crease function does not appear to be working –
The manual specifically states that the anti crease function “Extends anti crease phase(30 mins) the end of the drying cycle to 90 minutes”.
When you select any program (including timed programs) and press the anti crease function button the indicator light the function button shows red but the time in the LED display does not alter i.e. does not increment at all.

Last night I dried a load of shirts that had been spun on a high washing machine spin speed – selected cottons, cupboard dry program and pressed the anti crease function button – the entire operation completed within 25 minutes which makes it obvious to me that the anti crease operation is not working as it should i.e. it can’t be adding 30 or 90 minutes at the end of the drying cycle if the entire cycle only took 25 minutes before the buzzer sounded! The shirts were moderately creased.

Has anyone else experienced this problem. AEG are less than helpful

The buzzer sounds at the end of the programme and the start of the anti crease cycle? Did you open the machine too soon?
I've turned buzzer off!

gem1211 Fri 29-Mar-13 11:47:48

Thanks for the response.
The buzzer is very quiet so many times it has been left after the drying program has completed (with the anti crease button pressed) and there is no evidence of any subsequent activity. In fact the lights come on to clean filter & empty tank.
AEG don't seem to know how their own equipment should operate but have told me that if I call one of their engineers out I will be responsible for the call out charge (some £80 odd) if it proves not to be faulty!
Can you tell me if, when you press the anti crease function button, after selecting the program, the time in the LED display increases?
If your machine does this, mine doesn't, then it will prove that it is defective.

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