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Tesco Food Processor - NOT HAPPY

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ifmamaainthappy Sat 23-Mar-13 16:36:31

Has anyone else brought one, and been horrified by the way they are designed, when using the grater or slicer there is a little cog thing , i took the 1st processor back because i found it in a child's cheeses sandwich after grating the cheese, i thought it had broken off, They swapped it for another one, i had the same model (thinking it was a one off fault!!), just used the New one to grate cheese ( i've had this one 3 months) the thing that holds the grater snapped and broke a piece of the lid, so i've had to throw the cheese away now as well dare not take the risk of someone chocking on a piece of plastic,!!) I think i need to write a serious letter for this product to be recalled, i wondered if anyone else had a similar experience??

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