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Best Philips Avent Bottle?

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ExpatDad Sun 03-Feb-13 09:14:12

As our second one is almost here its time to get some new bottles.

Our first child uses Philips Avent bottles which we switched to after using cheap generic bottles and having problems with wind.

When I started looking for some new ones, there seems to be a few new additions to the Avent bottle line up:

There now appears to be the Classic, the Natural and the Advanced in the product range.

We are assuming we will be using the bottles from birth onwards again.

I'm not sure which ones we have, they are either classic or advanced but after reading the reviews I'm not sure.

They have a grey ring which goes in-between the bottle and the lid to work as a valve.

Can anyone recommend which type of Avent bottle to get based on which ones will be the best for preventing excess wind or colic without having problems with leaking?


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