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Bjursta dining table

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mumat39 Fri 30-Nov-12 14:10:15

I need a new dining table as our current one has a broken leg. I'm looking for one that will sit 4 on a daily basis with the option of extending to fit 6.

I have read a few threads where people have recommended the bjursta from ikea. The description on the website says it has a 'lacquered' finish.

This table is for our kitchen/diner/family room and I like this round one, possible in white.

It would be used for eating obviously but also for painting, glueing craft stuff with my kids. My DD has a lot of allergies and after we eat in the evening or at lunch we always wipe the table down with a damp cloth and then give it a spray of Dettol anti bac spray. Does anyone know if I can use this sort of spray on the lacquered finish?

I was after a glass topped table as I imagine this would be easiest to clean well but can't find one that's the right size and affordable.

Many thanks in advance.

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