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Advice needed on a new mop BUT with scrubbing bits

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Alloneword Wed 14-Nov-12 23:06:07

Hi everyone, first post so please be gentle with me especially as i'm a bloke without a kid so feel a bit of a fraud being on here but thought i might get some great advice, touching head.

Anyway my kitchen and bathroom have this newish non slip vinyl flloring something a bit like this one here


What i'm looking for a is mop that has some kind of scrubbing side to it as the flooring can collect more dirt then i'd like so sometimes i have to get down on my hands and kness to get rid off the marks and that's not easy for me a mobilty is not great, the usual Vileda i use is just J-Cloths on a stick and don't do much apart from lick the floor and my significant other hates the sponge mops, so does anyone have any suggestions for me (leaves space open for trolls) I looked at these new steam mops (like lots of people on here) but £100 scares the life out of me just to have a clean floor, I was looking at the newer Vileda

but i have no idea if it works for stains on floors etc.

So it's over to you folks, your suggestions and thoughts are welcome.


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