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Tumble Dryer: 5 year parts guarantee

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GrandadJohn12 Sat 03-Nov-12 09:51:45

Do beware of the practise of offering 5 year parts guarantees on white goods, they really don't amount to anything useful. Our three year old Hotpoint tumble dryer started tripping out the electrics. Having sought advice from various sites, including mumsnet, we did some basic maintenance on it: removing fluff, drying out the inside with a hair dryer etc - all to no avail. The dryer still bore a large label proclaiming a 5 year parts guarantee and having been given some advice by an electrician friend along the lines of - "there is not much to go wrong in a tumble dryer and that the element was most likely the cause of the tripping" - we rang Hotpoint to request a visit to change what we suspected was a faulty element. That could be done but at a cost of £120! Further internet searches lead us to some great short videos on changing a dryer element. These showed it to be a very straight forward job. A further search and we found the element and thermostats on Amazon for under £28. The new element arrived three days latter and was fitted using a single screw driver and a couple of cable ties in 30 minutes. Dryer is now working perfectly - which is just as well as the three grandchildren are back

trikken Sat 03-Nov-12 10:14:01

Thanks. Just bought a tumble dryer and they phoned us yesterday asking if we wanted this and I said no but was wondering if Id made the right decision, so definitely have.

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